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Civil fraud can affect both individuals and companies and consists of a wide variety of wrongdoing that can have a significant financial impact on an individual or organization. In order to establish the tort (i.e. wrong) of civil fraud, the plaintiff (i.e. person bringing the claim) must establish that:

  1. A false representation was made by the defendant (i.e. the alleged wrongdoer)
  2. The defendant had some level of knowledge of the falsehood of the representation (whether through actual knowledge or recklessness)
  3. The false representation caused the plaintiff to act and
  4. The plaintiff’s actions resulted in a loss to the plaintiff.

Our Civil Fraud Litigation Services 

At Milosevic & Associates in Toronto, our litigation lawyers have extensive experience in civil fraud litigation. We have acted on some of the largest fraud claims in Ontario, representing both plaintiffs and defendants.

We have represented clients in:

We have successfully defended clients at trial in fraud claims involving millions of dollars. Our defence work in the civil fraud area has given us the experience to pursue plaintiff-side civil fraud claims with skill and experience.  We commonly act for groups of investors in fraud claims involving investment schemes and fraud by financial professionals.  In addition, we have successfully tried fraud claims involving foreign exchange dealers and contractors.

Strategic and Skillful Litigators 

Perhaps more than in any other area of litigation, successful representation of clients in civil fraud claims requires legal counsel with a long-range, strategic outlook.  Fraud claims are heavily dependent on a wide variety of procedural motions and court-ordered evidentiary disclosure.  Managing and timing this process is central to successful litigation and requires counsel with experience in these areas.  Our record of successful representation of clients in civil fraud matters speaks for itself.

Every lawyer at Milosevic & Associates is an accomplished litigator. We have conducted trials and appeals at all levels of court. We are before judges or in mediations almost every day and as a result, have become exceptionally adept at thinking on our feet and addressing the unexpected. Over the years we have seen it all and helped our clients mitigate their biggest legal and financial risks.

For Unparalleled Legal Representation in Civil Fraud Matters Contact Milosevic & Associates 

If you require legal guidance with a civil fraud matter, contact Milosevic & Associates. Our highly experienced litigation lawyers help our clients see through the dense forest of even the most complicated disputes. We excel at cutting through the underbrush and guiding clients to a creative, cost-effective solution.  Call us at 416-916-1387 or contact us online to learn more about how we can help.



Successful Cases

Successful Trial Defence in $20 Million Fraud Claim
Successful prosecution at trial of a civil fraud claim for an elderly widow against two contractors
Successful prosecution of a civil contempt motion and the incarceration of a fraud defendant who had bilked his family and friends out of millions of dollars in civil court as reported in the Ontario Reports

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