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A commercial real estate transaction generally involves hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars. For business owners, it can be one of the largest expenditures, regardless of the size of their venture. Deals over commercial property can also involve complex financing arrangements and multiple parties at every level of the transaction. With so much at stake it is not surprising that disputes over commercial real estate transactions can get contentious and have the potential to get very complicated very quickly.

If you are involved in litigation resulting from a commercial real estate transaction or a related matter such as a breach of contract, an alleged fraud, or other issue, the Toronto commercial real estate litigation lawyers at Milosevic & Associates can help.

We regularly advise businesses across all sectors on a wide variety of commercial real estate matters that may arise during the lifespan of their venture, including:

We assist buyers and sellers with transactions involving restaurant space, small to medium-sized retail space, office space, hotels, shopping centres, and industrial properties.

Exceptional Litigation Experience 

Contact Milosevic & Associates in Toronto to learn how we can provide you with proactive risk management and legal guidance with your most important commercial real estate transactions. Where an issue escalates to the stage where litigation is required, trust us to help manage and respond to liability.

We have significant commercial real estate litigation experience and have conducted trials and appeals at all levels of court. Over the years we have seen it all and helped our clients mitigate their legal and financial risks. Our impressive track record speaks for itself.

Consistent Client Communication 

At Milosevic & Associates, we endeavour to provide each of our clients with a clear explanation of the practical issues they face and the potential risks that may arise along the way. We keep them apprised of the progress of their case at every stage and ensure we are always available to answer questions and provide information.

For Trusted Guidance on Commercial Real Estate Matters Contact Milosevic & Associates 

At Milosevic & Associates our Toronto commercial real estate lawyers have many years of experience advising clients on how to most effectively manage risk in large commercial real estate transactions. Where a transaction results in a legal dispute, we will represent you in litigation at all levels of court. Call us at 416-916-1387 or contact us online to learn how we can help.

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