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Toronto Commercial Litigation Lawyers assisting with Enforcement of Foreign Judgments

In the commercial context, situations can arise where a person would like to enforce a judgment from outside of Ontario (i.e. a “foreign judgment”) in an Ontario court. In some cross-border disputes, for instance, an American or other foreign court will issue a decision pertaining to that dispute. Where a plaintiff then wishes to enforce that judgement here in Ontario, they will have to go through a legal process in order for a court here in the province to recognize the foreign judgment.

Enforcing a foreign judgment here in Ontario can be challenging and complex. It requires assistance from a knowledgeable commercial lawyer with significant litigation experience and a knowledge of the particular legal framework that applies in such situations.

At Milosevic & Associates, our talented team of Toronto commercial lawyers thrives on taking on the most challenging commercial litigation claims, including those which have complex factors such as recognition of foreign judgements here in Ontario. We have significant experience managing large, intricate matters involving multiple parties across multiple jurisdictions. We can capably represent your interests and successfully resolve the matter so that you can get back to focusing on your business.

Enforcing Foreign Judgments in Ontario 

In most cases, Ontario courts will enforce a foreign judgment if that judgement was final, granted in person, was for a definite sum of money, and was granted by a court that had jurisdiction to make that judgment.

Ontario courts will recognize a foreign court’s jurisdiction over an Ontario-based defendant and will enforce foreign judgements against that defendant if there is a “real and substantial connection” between the Ontario defendant and the foreign jurisdiction in which the judgment in question was obtained.

Our Exceptional Litigation Experience 

All the lawyers at Milosevic & Associates are highly skilled litigators. We have represented clients in numerous commercial litigation matters both at the Superior Court and the Court of Appeal for Ontario. We have acted on individual files involving tens of millions of dollars, dozens of named parties, and tens of thousands of pages of documentary disclosure.

We are in court or in mediations almost every day and as a result, have become exceptionally adept at thinking on our feet and addressing the unexpected. Over the years we have seen it all and helped our corporate clients mitigate their legal and financial risks. Our impressive track record speaks for itself.

We have developed a reputation for professionalism and integrity that benefits our clients. We are committed to the highest standards of ethics and professional courtesy towards the courts, our clients, opposing counsel, and all other relevant parties.

Our Enforcement Services 

At Milosevic & Associates, our highly skilled team of corporate commercial lawyers can help with:

  • Collecting accounts receivables in Ontario for international sales of goods
  • Collecting U.S. accounts receivables
  • Collecting amounts awarded under court judgments
  • Foreign debt recovery
  • Enforcement of worldwide Mareva injunctions.

For Assistance with Enforcing Foreign Judgements in Ontario Contact Milosevic & Associates 

Contact Milosevic & Associates in Toronto for unparalleled representation in debt collection and enforcement of foreign judgment matters. Our highly skilled team of commercial litigators will help find the most effective solution for you and ensure that your legal issue is resolved positively and quickly. Our impressive track record speaks for itself.  Call us at 416-916-1387 or contact us online for a consultation.

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