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Toronto Lawyers Representing Clients in Employee Fraud Matters

Employee fraud is a type of civil fraud that occurs when an employee commits a fraud against the company or organization they work for. It is a serious offence that strikes at the heart of the employer-employee relationship, can provide the grounds for a just cause dismissal, and can result in significant financial losses for the employer. In addition to suffering from monetary losses stemming directly from the fraud, an employer can also be sued for negligence for failing to prevent fraud, or for vicarious liability over the employee in question.

Our Employee Fraud Litigation Services 

At Milosevic & Associates in Toronto, we regularly represent:

  • Employees who have been accused of fraud
  • Employers who suspect that an employee has been engaging in fraud and are seeking to take action against that employee
  • Employers who are being sued due to an employee’s fraud.

We have successfully defended clients at trial in employee fraud claims involving millions of dollars. Our defence work in the civil fraud area has given us the experience to pursue such claims with skill and experience.  We have conducted trials and appeals at all levels of court. We are before judges or in mediations almost every day and as a result, have become exceptionally adept at thinking on our feet and addressing the unexpected. Over the years we have seen it all and helped our clients mitigate their biggest legal and financial risks.

Common Types of Employee Fraud? 

Common types of employee fraud include:

  • Unauthorized billing or overbilling
  • Unauthorized use of company credit card, travel expenses, entertainment expenses, or other perks
  • Benefits fraud
  • Invoice or receipt fraud
  • Procurement fraud
  • Payroll fraud.

Remedies Available to Employers 

The legal remedies available to employers who suspect an employee has been engaged in employee fraud will depend on:

  • The amount of loss suffered
  • Whether the fraud was a single isolated event, or an ongoing scheme that took place over a prolonged period of time
  • Whether the employee was in a position of trust
  • Whether the employee in a position of trust had a fiduciary duty towards the employer.

For Unparalleled Legal Representation in Employee Fraud Matters Contact Milosevic & Associates 

If you require legal guidance with an employee fraud matter, contact Milosevic & Associates. Our team of highly knowledgeable litigation lawyers help our clients see through the dense forest of even the most complicated disputes. We excel at cutting through the underbrush and guiding clients to a creative, cost-effective solution.  Call us at 416-916-1387 or contact us online to learn more about how we can help.

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